Samsung's Next Foldabes Could Lack In-Display Fingerprint Scanners

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 AM AH 18

When it comes to making foldable devices, there need to be some compromises made in order for them to work. This is the case with the fingerprint scanner on Samsung’s foldable phones. Despite the ubiquity of in-display fingerprint scanners, the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip line of phones never got any. As we wait for Samsung’s next foldable phones, we got news that even those won’t have in-display fingerprint scanners.

This news comes from Korea Business, and it states that Samsung will not add an in-display fingerprint scanner to its next generation of foldable phones. Rather than doing that, Samsung will place the fingerprint scanner in the power button just like with the current and past generations.

Samsung’s next foldable phones were predicted to have in-display fingerprint scanners, however

This is surprising news, as based on patent images, Samsung looked eager to place, not one, but two in-display fingerprint scanners on its next foldable phones. Rather, it’d be one fingerprint scanner with two sides. It would have sat on the phone’s left side. You’d be able to unlock the phone whether it’s closed or open.


We’re not really sure if leaving out the in-display fingerprint scanner was a good move or a bad move. Using a side-mounted fingerprint scanner for the phone doesn’t seem to make much of a difference when unlocking the phone. Regardless, the Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 will bring useful changes.

In other Galaxy Foldable News: The latest Galaxy Foldables are expected to get camera improvements

One of the few issues that people had with the current Galaxy foldable phones is the camera technology. While the cameras on the phone can produce nice photos, they’re still a few generations behind the latest Galaxy S phones. That may change, as rumors point to some camera improvements.

The next Galaxy foldable phones may borrow some of the cameras from the Galaxy S22 phones. So far, the sources confirmed that the 10MP 3X telephoto camera will make its way over to the Galaxy Z Fold4 and the Z Flip4. We’re not sure if the main and ultrawide cameras will make their way over as well.