You Can Buy Re-Newed Galaxy S21 Phones From Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE AM AH 20

The Galaxy S22 phones are Samsung’s latest flagship offerings, being the best that the company has to offer. However, there’s nothing wrong with picking up last year’s flagship. Today, Samsung is putting certified re-newed Galaxy S21 phones up for pre-order.

You can purchase Samsung’s 2021 flagship phones right from the company, so you don’t have to worry about going through private sellers. If you decide to buy the renewed phones, depending on the model you get, you’ll get between $129 and $200 in savings.

These Galaxy S21 phones are “Re-newed”, but what does that mean?

If you shell out for a year-old flagship, you can expect there to be some wear and tear. However, Samsung takes these phones and refurbishes them itself. These phones are restored to like-new condition. This means that any parts that need replacing have been replaced with genuine Samsung parts. This also includes adding a fresh battery, which is a major part of the process.


You know your renewed Galaxy S21 will be properly refurbished because it’s being done in an official Samsung factory. Third-party companies also do a great job at refurbishing phones, it brings peace of mind when the actual company does it.

Along with new hardware, there are other benefits to getting a re-newed Galaxy S21. The device identifiers like the IMEI number will be changed. Also, your phone will be updated to the latest software version. When you buy a re-newed Galaxy S21 phone, you’ll have a one-year warranty added on.

Prices & limitations

The Galaxy S21 Certified re-newal program only extends to the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra. It does not apply to the Galaxy S21 FE. That makes sense, as that’s a mid-cycle release.


If you buy a re-newed Galaxy S21, you’ll get $129 off of the regular price. Getting an S21+ will give you a $149 discount, and an S21 Ultra will grant you a $200 discount. This means you’ll get the Galaxy S21 for about $670, the S21+ for about $850, and the S21 Ultra for about $1,000.

However, if you pre-order the phones, you’ll receive a $100 e-certificate to use on the phones only at the Samsung store. This pre-order offer is valid starting April 15th and it runs through April 21st. Click here for more information on this program.