The OnePlus Nord N20 Will Have An AMOLED Display

OnePlus new logo 2020

OnePlus is mostly known for its series of “flagship killing” flagship phones. However, the company also has a selection of budget-friendly devices under its Nord series of phones. Rumors surrounding the upcoming OnePlus Nord N20 have been hitting the rounds lately, and we just got the news that it’s going to have an AMOLED display.

The OnePlus Nord N20 will have an interesting display

This news comes from PCMag, and it explains that this phone will share the screen technology with its more expensive brethren. The company told PCMag some of the specs regarding the display. For starters, it’s believed to have a moderately sized 6.43-inch display that runs at 60Hz. Since it’s a budget phone, we shouldn’t be surprised that it doesn’t run at 120Hz or 90Hz.

However, one thing we should be surprised about is that, under that 60Hz display, lies a fingerprint scanner. Under-display fingerprint scanners are making their way to cheaper devices like the Galaxy A phones, but it’s still reserved for more pricey devices.


On the top left corner of that display, there’s a punch-hole that houses the selfie camera. Looking at the renders, the screen goes pretty much edge to edge. We see the volume buttons on the left side of the device with the power button on the right side.

This phone harkens back to another OnePlus phone from long back

What makes this device stand out (and rather nostalgic) is the flat frame of the phone. The OnePlus 10 Pro has a rounded frame that seamlessly flows from the front to the back. The OnePlus Nord N20 has a flat and slightly chamfered frame.

Why would this be nostalgic? Well, while a lot of people will draw a comparison to a recent iPhone, the OnePlus Nord N20 actually takes after the OnePlus X that was released back in November of 2015. That device also had the flat frame. There were some definite changes to the overall aesthetic over the past 6 1/2 years.


The other specs are not yet confirmed

When it comes to the remaining specs, we’re all in the dark. According to rumors, this phone could be powered by the Snapdragon 696 SoC backed up by 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. As for the camera, there could be a 48MP main camera with an 8MP ultrawide camera.

We don’t know what size the battery is going to be, but the OnePlus Nord 2 had a 4,500mAh battery, so it could have a similar capacity. As for charging, sources claim that this phone will have SuperVooc charging at up to 30W.