NVIDIA Rolls Out Update 9.0.2 For SHIELD TV To Fix All Those Android TV 11 Bugs

NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2019 Review AH 28

NVIDIA has just announced that it is rolling out a new update to SHIELD TV owners, which is set to fix a good amount of the bugs from the update to Android TV 11.

There’s quite a few bugs that are being fixed with this update. Like improving external storage management and bugs that prevented users from connecting Bluetooth controllers like the DualShock controllers.

Here’s what NVIDIA says is being fixed in this update:

  • Adds Plex support for latest Hauppauge WinTV-dualHD DVB-T tuner (in EU only)
  • Adds helpful notifications when connecting or formatting removable storage
  • Fixes bug where AI upscaling could not be changed in Netflix app (applies to 2019 SHIELD devices only)
  • Fixes bug where surround upmixer would stop working after playing Dolby audio streams
  • Improves file transfer speeds
  • Fixes bug when copying files over local network from Mac to removable storage on SHIELD
  • Resolves issue pairing Dual Shock 3, XBOX One S, XBOX Series S/X, and Switch Pro controllers

NVIDIA is still updating the 2015 SHIELD TV

NVIDIA is really putting every Android OEM to shame with its updates to the SHIELD TV. It is still updating the 2015 SHIELD TV, including with this 9.0.2 update that it is rolling out today. Which is very impressive. That’s seven years of updates, meanwhile most Android OEMs are proud to guarantee 3-4 years at this point. NVIDIA is matching Apple though, which is updating its iPhone 6S from 2015 still.

It’s been a few years since NVIDIA has released a new SHIELD TV, so hopefully this means that there is a new one coming soon. Though, the current SHIELD TVs are still plenty powerful, and have a lot more performance than the Chromecast with Google TV, which has a lot of its own issues.

The SHIELD TV isn’t cheap, coming in at $150, it competes moreso with the Apple TV than the Chromecast with Google TV, just based on price. But it is so worth that price.