Now, You Can Play Games During Clubhouse Chats

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Sure, Twitter, Facebook, and Spotify copied Clubhouse’s formula and launched their own chat room apps. However, there’s one thing that Clubhouse has that the other companies don’t: Games! According to the company, Clubhouse is testing a game on the platform to encourage conversation and interaction.

Now, it seems weird that the company would try out games, but the point is to create more ways to have conversations with the other speakers. These games will mostly be time wasters and ice breakers for the speakers.

You can form a room around these Clubhouse games

When you’re new to speaking to an audience, it can be stressful. That’s one reason why Clubhouse is testing this game. It’s called Wild Cards. This is a question-based game that’s designed to break the ice and promote conversation between the speakers in the room.


When you add a room, you’ll see a “Games” section. Tapping on that section will drop you right into the room. When the other players join the room, you’ll be able to start the game. When you start the game, you’ll just be asked questions.

Don’t expect tame questions such as “What’s your favorite color?”. You’ll be asked outrageous questions like “Who do you think would make the best cult leader”. These are questions centered around the most shocking answers. This does seem like a good idea because if you’re not used to podcasting, it’s easy to become shy at first. Having some questions to direct the conversation could be useful.

Speaking of audio rooms, Spotify Greenrooms just got a name-change

Clubhouse came up with the concept, but other companies didn’t want to be left out. Spotify came up with its own chat room platform, and it’s been testing it under the name Greenrooms. Now, the company made a bit of a change. Spotify renamed the platform to Spotify Live.


Not only did they rename Greenrooms, but they’re now implementing them into the main app. If your favorite creators are live, you’ll be able to hope in a room on the actual Spotify app. The standalone app still exists, and you should use that if you want to get the full functionality. If you want to see these, make sure that both apps are fully updated.