Netflix Will Add A Two Thumbs Up Button

Netflix Logo on Pixel 6

Sometimes you love a show on Netflix so much that a simple thumbs-up doesn’t button just doesn’t cut it. Right now, Netflix is planning on releasing a new feature for moments such as those. According to a blog post from the company, Netflix is going to add a two-thumbs-up button.

The main focus of streaming services is compiling information from the shows you watch to serve you content tailored to your tastes. If you watch rom-coms all day, then you’ll see a torrent of rom-coms in your recommendations. Because of this, the rating that you give a show or movie counts a lot toward your future recommendations.

The two thumbs up button will help Netflix know what content you love

We get it, you just got done watching your favorite show, and you can’t smash the thumbs-up button hard enough. You fall in love with a show’s cast, story, and writing to the point where a simple thumbs-up would be an insult. Well, Netflix just announced a new two-thumbs-up button for those cases.


The button will show up right next to the regular buttons. If you genuinely love a show or movie, you can use that button. The company will obviously use this to gather information about which movies or shows to keep or order more seasons for.

In Other Netflix News: Netflix Is Not Opposed To An Ad-Supported Tier

When it comes to streaming services, you have three choices. You can either pay for an ad-free experience, watch for free with ads, or some combination of the two. Hulu charges $6.99/month for you to watch with ads and Disney+ is going to release a similar plan to this.

While Netflix hasn’t expressed an interest in doing something like this, the company isn’t really opposed to the idea. During a recent company investor’s meeting, Netflix’s CFO Spencer Neumann stated that while the company doesn’t have any plans to implement an ad-supported tier, it’s not 100% against it either. “It’s not like we have religion against advertising, to be clear”, Neumann said during the meeting.


If the company does plan on bringing an ad-supported tier, and this is just speculation, a single-person plan could realistically cost between $5.99/month and $6.99/month. That’s a bit high for an ad-supported plan, but this IS Netflix we’re talking about here. As for a family plan, around $9.99/month or $10.99/month could make sense. Only time will tell if we see an ad-supported tier.