Android 12 Starts Rolling Out To Motorola Edge (2021) & Edge Plus

Motorola Edge 2021 image 2

Two more Motorola smartphones are now receiving Android 12, the Motorola Edge (2021) and Edge Plus. Quite a few Motorola devices started getting the latest version of Android recently, actually.

The Motorola Moto G200 got Android 12 not long ago, and the same goes for the Motorola G50 and Edge 20 Pro. Well, the aforementioned duo is now joining the party as well.

Android 12 started rolling out to some Motorola Edge (2021) & Edge Plus models

Android 12 is now rolling out to the XT21411-2-SS variant of the Motorola Edge (2021). The software version S1RM32.48-18-11 is coming, and the update includes March 2022 Android security patch.


Do note that the update has only been spotted in the US as of now. It is expected to spread to more markets really soon, though. That usually happens when it comes to Motorola devices.

Now, in regards to the Motorola Edge Plus, the update started rolling out to the ST2061-3-SS model. In other words, it’s rolling out to the device in parts of Europe. The update is coming as software build S1PB32.41-10-17. As is the case with the Motorola Edge (2021), the Motorola Edge Plus in other regions is expected to get the update soon.

Other markets will get the update soon

This update is rolling out in stages, and it’s coming OTA (Over-The-Air). Your phone will notify you once the update is available, of course. You can, however, check for it manually as well, via the phone’s Settings.


As part of this update, you’ll get all the major Android 12 features, and retain some cool Motorola ones. The new security features are included, as is Google’s Material You design. Revamped notifications are also a part of the package, and more.

Many more Motorola smartphones are expected to get Android 12 moving forward. Those devices include the Motorola Razr 5G, Razr 2020, a slew of Moto G series devices, the Edge 20 Lite, Edge 20 Fusion, and many more.