Meta Smart Glasses Will Arrive In 2024, Reports Suggest

Meta Zuckerberg

The Facebook parent company Meta plans to release its smart glasses in 2024, Phonearena (via The Verge) reports.

As per the report, CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to revive the iPhone introduction in 2007 and create an “iPhone moment.” Meta is heavily focused on creating AR experiences, and the company is investing in the metaverse as a new virtual world. So the company may need a pair of smart glasses to complete its AR collection. They are also working on a smartwatch.

If you are old enough to remember the first iPhone reveal in 2007, you remember the hype and excitement around that touchscreen iPhone.


Zuckerberg is now looking for the same hype and excitement around the Meta smart glasses in 2024. According to the road map designed by the company, the first OG model will arrive in 2024, and later in 2026, a more advanced model will also come. Moreover, a subsequent model will reportedly arrive in 2028.

The Meta AR glasses will reportedly have some notable features that’ll make them unique in some ways. For example, they’ll work independently without pairing to an iPhone or Android device. However, this feature may be available in the second or third models, and the first model will still require a mobile device to work with.

Meta wants to reinvent video calls with its smart glasses

Another notable feature that might come to Meta AR glasses is a revolutionary way to handle video calls. The Meta glasses can let people hold video calls through holograms. Zuckerberg believes this method can outperform FaceTime and Duo.


According to available information, the code name of this project is Project Nazare, and Zuckerberg sees it as a vital project for the future of the company. “[Zuckerberg’s] ego is intertwined with [the glasses],” said a former employee who has worked on the project.

Meta does not expect sales of these glasses to be significant in the first year because they will probably be priced at several thousand dollars. Also, developers and early adopters are potential customers for the first generation of Meta smart glasses.

Meta is also working on a cheaper pair of smart glasses for 2024. The project’s codename is Hypernova. The Hypernova will pair with a mobile device and show notifications via a small display.


Project Nazare and Hypernova are not the first Meta effort to build smart glasses. The company has previously partnered with Ray-Ban to build a pair of smart glasses. However, the Meta-Ray-Ban smart glasses have limited functionality and are not for everyone.

Users can control Meta smart glasses through their minds

The sources claim that the OG version of the Nazare glasses will use Android as the operating system and come with 3D capabilities. The battery life would be only four hours.

For controlling the glasses, users should wear a device around their wrist that works by measuring pulses in the neurons of a user’s arm. Meta hopes this technology will lead to a way of controlling the glasses through minds.