Instagram Might Soon Let You Pin Posts To Your Profile

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Sometimes, you make an Instagram post that’s so good that you want it to be the first thing everyone sees when they check out your profile. Well, rest assured; a solution is coming. According to Tech Crunch, Instagram is testing the ability for people to pin a post to their profile.

This isn’t all too unfamiliar. If you’re a Twitter user, then you should know about this feature. When you make a post, you’ll be able to place it at the top of your profile. It’s the first thing that people see when they visit your profile. Not only that but that post doesn’t get moved down when newer posts come in.

Instagram could let you pin posts, but it might be a while

Before you get too excited, just know that Instagram is testing this feature with select users. There’s a chance that you could have this feature if you’re using the beta version of the app, but it’s slim. It wouldn’t hurt to try, however. Find Instagram on the Google Play Store and update it to its latest version. Then, open the app and go to a post’s three-button menu. If you see an option called “Pin to your profile”, then you’re one of the lucky few.


We expect Instagram’s method to work much the same way. The pinned post will show up above all of your other posts. Right now, you see your profile information followed by suggested accounts to follow on your Profile. Under that, you have your stories with your posts under them. If you pin a post, it might be right above your post grid; either that, or it will be above your stories.

There’s no word on when Instagram will roll this feature out to the public; however, it’s, apparently, been in the works for some time now. Alessandro Paluzzi tweeted about this feature back on January 28th of this year. When this feature does hit primetime, we can expect Instagram to make a blog post about it.