HBO Max Is Now On Verizon's +play Service

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Carriers know that we stream a ton of content through our phones on a daily basis. Because of this, T-Mobile brought in its “Netflix on us” promotion years back. Verizon has its upcoming +play service that’ll aggregate different services in one place. Now, the company just announced that it’s adding HBO Max to its +play service.

HBO Max is on +play, but what is it?

This is an upcoming service from Verizon; it went into testing just at the end of March. Basically, it’s a central hub for different subscription services for you to access in one place. This includes services like Netflix, Disney+, AMC+, Discovery+, and a lot more. It’s a unified platform for you to see and manage these different services.

+play doesn’t stop at video streaming platforms; it brings together services that offer music, gaming, fitness, and others also. For example, Verizon partnered with Peloton for its hub.


Since it’s a centralized hub, you should be able to access and manage your subscriptions right in the hub rather than going to each respective site. This means that it will be easier to subscribe to services you want and, more importantly, unsubscribe from those you don’t.

+play hasn’t launched just yet, but when it does, HBO Max will be a part of it. You’ll be able to access that streaming service along with the others. Obviously, this is a service that’s exclusive to Verizon, so if this interests you, then you might want to consider switching over.

In Other Carrier News: T-Mobile Could Unveil Cheaper Phone Plan

Getting plans from either of the three major phone carriers is pricey. However, T-Mobile is looking to change that with an upcoming payment plan. A leaked image of a new plan called the Bare Essentials plan will give people unlimited talk and text with 20GB of high-speed data for just $45/month. After the high-speed data is used, you’ll be confined to 1.5Mbs speeds.


This undercuts the rest of the competition, but there are some drawbacks to this plan. For starters, you won’t get your third line for free. As for perks, you get one year of Paramount+, and that’s it. There’s no word on when this will be announced. If this plan does become official, we can expect a lot of people to be interested in it.