Google Play Service Will Give You A Tour Of Each Feature Drop

Google Play Services Logo

Whenever a new quarterly feature drop hits Android, we usually hear about the features via news articles and social media posts. Now, Google wants to refine that process. When a new feature drop hits Android, Google Play Services will give you a tour of the new features via the Play Store.

What are feature drops?

If you don’t know what feature drops are, they’re one of the main reasons to buy a Pixel phone. Every three months, Google delivers several new features to its Pixel phones. These are all fun and useful features that add to the experience overall. The last feature drop happened just last month, and it brought features like a new battery widget, the ability to convert text into stickers using Gboard, and the ability to transcribe speech into more languages.

Now, Google Play Services will give you a tour of the new features landing in the feature drops

If you want to know just what features are being dropped onto your phone, Google will give you a better look at them via its Play Services. This news comes from a tweet from Esper’s Michaal Rahman, and it shows some screenshots of how this will look. When you open the Google Play Store right after an update, you’ll see a splash page pop up. This will show you all of the new features added via the drop.


The first card will read “Google just added new features to your phone”. After that, each card that you swipe through will show you a new feature. They all have the classic Google art style with minimalist designs and toned-down colors. After you read through all of the features, you’ll then be able to proceed to the Play Store.

Right now, we don’t know if you’ll be able to access this from another place in the Play Store at a later time. Hopefully, you’ll be able to. If you need to refresh your memory on the new features, you’ll be able to. There’s no telling just when this feature will come out, but most likely before the next feature drop.