New Google Pixel 6 Bug Automatically Declines Some Calls

Google Pixel 6 AM AH

A nasty new Pixel 6 bug has been spotted, and this time around, it automatically declines some calls. This is just one of many bugs that were reported on the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. It seems as if every time Google fixes one bug, another one pops up.

The company did a good job of patching up the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro post-launch. Various different bugs were spotted, but Google reacted fast, and patched up most of them quickly. New ones keep on appearing, though.

Pixel 6 units are now automatically declining some calls, due to a new bug

Reddit is currently filled with reports regarding this new bug, the one that rejects calls. Some Pixel 6 units seem to decline calls coming from people who are listed on the phone owner’s contacts list.


The device won’t even let you know you had a call, that’s the worst part. You won’t get a notification it happened, or anything of the sort, it will simply decline the call and be done with it.

The only way to know that a call was made is if you visit your call log. It will appear there as a declined call. The thing is, you didn’t decline it, the phone did it on its own.

This thread on Reddit was started by a user called ‘merryjaina’. He wrote the following: “I have filter spam calls turned off. I have WiFi calling turned off. I have flipped to shhh turned off. DND is turned off. I’ve reset my network settings and always have a full signal. I made sure the contacts aren’t set to go straight to voicemail. My cell provider says it’s not on their end…I know there have been some dropped calls issues with the Pixels but my calls are fine when they actually come through!”


Needless to say, this particular user is quite frustrated. I simply had to share his entire comment, as it really does reflect his frustration. Now, one user did share a possible solution for the problem.

There is a possible solution, though

‘NoPointLiving Anymore’ says that it’s possible the problem is happening due to ‘Schedules’. He says it’s possible those who have this issue accidentally enabled schedules via Settings -> Notifications -> Do Not Disturb -> Schedules.

The user said he had the same problem due to this. He does not know how he enabled this feature, but it was enabled. It’s possible the phone did it on its own, and that the problem occurred because of it, we’ll never know.


In any case, if you do have this issue, check the ‘Schedules’ feature, and see if everything is disabled.