Google Gives Brief Overview Of This Year's Google I/O Schedule

Google IO 2022

Google I/O is just over two weeks away now and while we don’t know everything about the event yet, Google’s official I/O website for this year now has a brief schedule overview of what to expect.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Google I/O schedule will kick off with the big keynote on the first day. This is where Google will unveil all the new stuff it’s been working on. It’s also where Google is expected to announce a number of new products. Potentially the Pixel Watch, the Pixel 6a, and maybe some new smart home products.

This particular keynote will start at 10am Pacific Standard Time and should last for about an hour or two. After the main keynote, the Developer Keynote takes place where Google says it will talk about “the latest updates to its developer products and platforms.”


Basically, this is the keynote that will probably provide the least amount of information relevant to end-users.

The Google I/O schedule continues with everything that’s new

Where things get potentially exciting for Android fans is the What’s New In Android Keynote. Google will no doubt canvas the main keynote with details about Android 13. But the What’s New In Android keynote is likely to take more of a deep dive into all the new bits in the world of Android. This includes Android 13, Jetpack Tooling, Performance, “and more!” according to the Google I/O website.

After the Android keynote, more “What’s New” keynotes will be held throughout the day across a variety of topics. Including Firebase, Flutter, Web, AR, Google Play, Chrome OS, Google Home, and finally Google Pay. Which seems to wrap up day 1.


Day 2 mostly covers what appears to be more in-depth breakdowns and discussions around those topics. Keep in mind that this probably isn’t all of the sessions that will take place during the event. Meaning we should see more trickle in either closer to or after the event begins.

Google I/O is scheduled to start on May 11 and continue through May 12. You can find the full schedule with all (currently visible) sessions here. And you can use the site to keep track of everything you think you’ll be most interested in.