Google Fi Unlimited Plans Get Price Cut, More High-Speed Data

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If you’re a Google Fi customer, several new perks are coming your way. The company is updating all three of its phone plans with lowered prices and improved bonuses to give you more value.

Google Fi updates its phone plans

The entry-level Flexible plan isn’t getting any price cut. It still costs $10 per GB for data and anywhere between $16 and $20 for unlimited calls and texts depending on the number of lines you add. But you now get “unlimited calling within Canada and Mexico at no extra cost”. Earlier, you could make free calls to these two countries from the US only. You also get unlimited hotspot tethering and up to four data-only SIMs at no extra cost.

The Simply Unlimited plan that Google Fi introduced in April 2021 is getting a price reduction though. It now starts at $20 per month per line for four or more lines, down from $30. For three lines, you’ll have to pay $25 each, a $5 reduction from $30. Simply Unlimited also now costs $40 for two lines (from $45) and $50 for one (previously$60).


In addition to this price cut, Google Fi is also increasing the high-speed data cap for the Simply Unlimited plan. You now get 35GB of high-speed data instead of 22GB, as well as 5GB of hotspot tethering for your laptop or tablet. Unlimited calling within Canada and Mexico too.

“At this new lower price, Simply Unlimited will continue to be our most affordable unlimited plan — especially for families and groups,” Google says. Perhaps it’s the cheapest plan for four or more lines in the US at just $20 per line per month (via). Verizon MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) Visible comes closest, offering four lines of connection at $25 each. T-Mobile charges $27 each for five lines while AT&T and Verizon both cost $30 each for the same number of lines.

Google Fi Simply Unlimited price cut


Google Fi Unlimited Plus also gets a price cut

Google Fi’s Unlimited Plus plan, which is ideal for people who use a lot of mobile data and make lots of international calls too, also now offers more value. A $5 price cut is consistent across the plan regardless of the number of lines you get. For four or more lines, it now costs $40 per month per line, down from $45. Three lines cost $45 each (from $50), two cost $55 each (from $60), and a single line costs $65 (from $70).

But there’s even more, and better. Google Fi now offers 50GB of high-speed data with Unlimited Plus, significantly more than the 22GB it offered previously. Unlimited high-speed hotspot tethering, up to four data-only SIMs, 100 GB of cloud storage with Google One, and international calls to 50+ destinations are the other existing perks.

To celebrate this revision, Google Fi is also offering up to $500 on select phones as well as a $100 Fi bill credit if you join the carrier with your phone or add a line.

Google Fi Unlimited Plus price cut