Google Expands Security Reward Program To More Devices

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Security is a really important aspect of mobile technology. This is why Google has a security reward program to incentivize finding vulnerabilities in Google products. According to a Google blog post, the company is including more products to be a part of this program.

Google has several reward programs for its security, and one of them is called the Android and Google Security Devices Reward Program. In this program, if you find a vulnerability with the software or hardware of a Google product, the company will reward you.

Google’s security reward program will include more products

This program already included 1st-party Google products like the Pixel devices. Now, the company just added some more devices. Not only will you be rewarded if you find vulnerabilities with those products, but you’ll also be rewarded with Nest and Fitbit devices. If you find any security threats on eligible Nest and Fitbit devices, Google will pay you.


How much does Google pay people for reports?

Google didn’t state the amount of money it will be giving out, unfortunately. However, the company did advertise increased payouts. In the post, the company said that it’s paying higher amounts to people who reported issues last year. This counts for reports made for the Nest and Fitbit devices. Also, if you’re submitting reports now, Google will be doubling the payout. This is for the next six months.

With this, Google is unifying the rewards program for its 1st-party and third-party devices. This makes it easier for people to report any potential security risks that they see.

In Other Google News: The At A Glance Widget Now Shows Bluetooth Battery Information

The latest updates really made the At A Glance widget more useful. It recently gained the ability to open Google Calendar and the weather app by being tapped. Now, the widget is even more useful.


It recently gained the ability to display your Bluetooth device’s battery level. This is great information, as you’d want to make sure your devices are charged. In the settings for the At A Glance widget, you’ll see the option to toggle it on and off. If you don’t see the option just yet, then you’ll have to wait.