Google Finally Kills Assistant Snapshot

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People use voice assistants for a lot of things nowadays. Google Assistant Snapshot was a way for you to focus on the most important things you needed to do for the day. However, after a recent announcement, Google finally discontinued the Assistant Snapshot feature. It’s gone on all devices, and that’s a bummer for people who use this feature on a daily basis.

According to 9To5Google, Google announced that it was pulling the plug on Assistant Snapshot earlier in the year. It posted a message in the app. This is unfortunate because it’s a useful app if you value organization.

Google Assistant Snapshot would aggregate all of your tasks, reminders, and other alerts into one organized feed. You had to summon the Assistant and say “Show me my day”. Then, you’d get a feed of your tasks. Not only that but you’d get information like the weather.


But, unfortunately, Google discontinued Assistant Snapshot

After posting the message in the app last month, Google finally discontinued the Assistant Snapshot feature. It didn’t make any statements about a successor, also. Also, the company didn’t really state why it’s getting rid of it, but that shouldn’t be much of a mystery.

As useful of a feature as Snapshot was, people probably didn’t really use it as much as the company wanted. It’s tempting to get up and go about your day without communicating with the Google Assistant first. Instead of keeping the feature around, Google most likely felt the need to just ax it.

Maybe you should try Routines

If you want a worthy alternative now that the Google Assistant Snapshot is discontinued. If you want a rundown of what you have planned over the day or just a reminder to keep you going, you can set up a routine. Go to the Google app, tap on your profile picture, go down to Settings, and tap on Assistant. After that, go down to the Routines section.


There, you’ll be able to edit your routine. With a command, the Assistant will run through certain things like the weather, your calendar events and tasks, birthdays and anniversaries, the news, and much more. You can customize what the Assistant runs through with you and even customize what you say to summon the routine.

Routines aren’t only for the morning. You can set up a routine for when you wake up, when you’re going to bed, when you leave the house, when you get home, when you leave for work, and when you get home from work. Routines might not be a full replacement for Snapshot, but it’s a step in the right direction.