Milestone Google Chrome Version 100 Is Now Available With New Features

Google Chrome Icon New AH Logo AH 2019

Google has just released Chrome version 100 for all mobile and desktop platforms. You can now update your Chrome browser to the latest version. In Chrome version 100, we can see some notable changes, including a new icon and the Lite mode is no longer present.

Dates back to February, we reported that Google is updating the Chrome icon after eight years. However, the changes to the new icon weren’t so drastic. Google said that the new icon aims to better “align with Google’s more modern brand expression.”

The designer said they tried to simplify the icon by “removing the shadows, refining the proportions, and brightening the colors.”

However, there are more changes to the new Chrome than a new icon. One of the weirdest things that Google did to the new version is the removal of “Lite mode.”


The feature allowed users to save data and load the web pages more quickly. Google has decided to remove the feature and shot down the servers related to it. We still don’t know why Google did this as the “Lite mode” was quite a practical feature. All Google said, a while back, is that it’s no longer necessary. So, the company probably improved the compression capabilities of Chrome.

The new Google Chrome has more harmony with the Material You theme

As Google is insisting on the Material You theme, the apps developed by the company are also going in line with that. The Chrome version 100 has a better color theming that matches the Material You theme. As you can see in the screenshot, the overflow menu on Chrome version 100 has a green tint on it, while Chrome 99 comes with white/gray tint.

Another new thing that just came to Chrome is a new Multi-Screen Window Placement API. This feature will appeal to those who use multiple displays at the time.

The Google Chrome version 100 is just released to all major platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Also, Chrome OS users should receive the update as soon as possible.


Besides the new features that came along with Chrome version 100, Google also released the side panel feature to many users. The new side panel helps users have better control over their bookmarked pages and reading list.

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