Galaxy Z Fold4 Phones Will Borrow A Feature From the S22 Phones

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Forget spending $1,099 on a phone, if you’re buying a phone for $1,799, you’ll want it to be good at EVERYTHING, right? Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold devices are definitely not for those who are light on cash; however, they’ve been lacking in one department: the camera. Fortunately, according to Galaxy Club, the Galaxy Z Fold4 will share some of the same cameras as the Galaxy S22 phones.

The Galaxy Z Fold phones really dominate the foldable phones market regardless of the strong competition from Oppo and Huawei. This is all in spite of the camera quality. Though they’re Samsung flagships, they don’t have flagship-grade cameras. That’s pretty surprising considering how expensive these devices are.

However, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 cameras are going to be much better

According to the report, those Galaxy Z Fold users who are complaining about the camera quality might have their prayers answered. Galaxy Club is on the front lines when it comes to the camera tech in the new foldable phones. The publication states that the Galaxy Z Fold4 will have some of the same cameras found in the Galaxy S22 phones.


Right now, the publication can confirm that the same telephoto camera will be carried over. That’s a 10MP 3X telephoto camera. Also, it confirmed that it will have a 10MP selfie camera similar to the one in the Galaxy S22 phones. Right now, it’s possible that the main and ultrawide cameras could be carried over. That, however, hasn’t been confirmed yet. You should take that with a grain of salt.

Obviously, this will be a great feature for avid Galaxy Z Fold users. Not only that but there could be a community of people who’d get a Galaxy Z Fold if the camera quality was better. More news on the camera technology will come out as we get closer to the launch. It’s Q2 of 2022 right now, so it’ll be a little while before we start seeing some official information on these devices.