You Can Now Buy The Galaxy A13 LTE In The USA

Galaxy A13 LTE

Samsung is known for its very premium (and very pricey) Galaxy S phones, but Samsung also has a plethora of budget smartphones on the market. In fact, one of the best-selling phones last year was the Galaxy A13. This is a 5G-enabled phone that didn’t break the bank. According to SamMobile, there’s a new Galaxy A13 LTE version that was announced last month. Now, that phone is going on sale exclusively in the States.

The Galaxy A13 LTE is a budget phone in every way

Now, this phone is far cry from any of the Galaxy S devices. That’s not a bad thing considering the price. In fact, the Galaxy A phones are really popular because of their low prices. The Galaxy A13 LTE is no different. The Galaxy A12 was actually the company’s highest-selling phone last year.

So, what can you expect from this phone? There are actually some differences between the LTE model and the 5G model of the phone. Obviously, the LTE variant can’t lock onto the 5G signals.


As for the display, you’re getting a sharper 6.5-inch 1080p+ display that’s protected by Gorilla Glass 5. That’s an upgrade from the 720p+ display in the 5G version. However, the LTE version does have a lower refresh rate at 60Hz rather than 90Hz on the 5G version.

As for the camera, there are also some differences. The 5G version has a 50MP main camera, a 2MP macro camera, a 2MP depth sensor, and a 5MP selfie camera.

The Galaxy A13 LTE actually has a quad-camera setup with some upgraded cameras. There’s a 50MP main camera, a 5MP ultrawide camera, a 2MP macro camera, a 2MP depth sensor, and an 8MP selfie camera.


If you’re looking to get a new phone for a low price, then you might want to consider the Galaxy A13 LTE. It brings a decent display, an upgraded camera setup, and stronger glass for only $189.