Galaxy Buds Live Also Get Samsung's 360 Audio Feature

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live AM AH 6

Samsung recently introduced the 360 Audio feature to its Galaxy Buds 2 TWS (true wireless) earbuds. This feature is also rolling out to the Galaxy Buds Live with a new update. The bean-shaped buds from 2020 are now receiving the latest update globally. There’s not much in tow apart from the new audio feature. The updated firmware version for the pair is R180XXU0AVC2.

360 Audio reaches the Galaxy Buds Live

Samsung‘s 360 Audio feature originally came with the Galaxy Buds Pro, its highest-end TWS earbuds yet. This pair was launched in early 2021 — in between the Galaxy Buds 2 and Galaxy Buds Live. But all this while, 360 Audio remained exclusive to the Buds Pro. Samsung has finally started pushing it to other models. The Galaxy Buds 2 recently picked it up and the Galaxy Buds Live has joined the party too.

However, don’t keep your hopes for the 360 Audio feature too high. As you might expect, this feature is designed to adjust the direction of audio according to your head movements. This will allow for an immersive, theater-like sound experience. But according to SamMobile, it hardly impresses.


For one, 360 Audio on the Galaxy Buds 2 (and likely Galaxy Buds Live too) only works while watching videos on Galaxy smartphones. Yes, that’s the only use case that Samsung is supporting. It also often fails to adjust the sound direction correctly, which may severely affect your listening experience.

Nonetheless, if you’re using either Galaxy Buds 2 or Galaxy Buds Live, there’s a new audio feature coming your way. While the former also received some un-detailed call quality improvements with the latest update, the changelog for the latter doesn’t mention anything such. So 360 Audio is likely all it’s getting. Of course, Samsung says system stability and reliability improvements too.

Galaxy Buds Live users can now download the latest update

As said earlier, the latest update for the Galaxy Buds Live is already live in most parts of the world. If some markets are still awaiting it, the wait shouldn’t be much longer now. As always, you will receive a notification from the Galaxy Wearable app on your connected smartphone once the update becomes available to your Galaxy Buds Live pair. If you want to check for updates manually, you can open the app, navigate to the Earbuds settings menu, and tap on Earbuds software update. If there’s no update available, check back again later.


The new update for the Galaxy Buds 2 only weighed 3MB over the air (OTA). Since this update for the Galaxy Buds Live contains even fewer changes, we expect the OTA package to weigh lesser. Whatever be the download size, make sure your earbuds have more than 50 percent of battery charge left before installing the update.