First OnePlus Foldable May Borrow OPPO Find N Design

AH OPPO Find N image 11

According to a new report, by Pricebaba and Yogesh Brar, OnePlus is working on its first foldable smartphone. The source also mentioned that the first OnePlus smartphone will borrow the OPPO Find N design.

First OnePlus foldable smartphone may borrow the OPPO Find N design

For those of you who don’t know, OnePlus and OPPO are sister companies. Both of them are under BBK Electronics, and it’s not exactly a secret they borrow designs and tech one from the other.

So, if the first OnePlus foldable end up looking like the OPPO Find N, that would hardly be surprising. The OPPO Find N is a great-looking phone, which handles the crease with class. It’s barely visible thanks to the company’s teardrop notch.


The Find N is also a rather compact smartphone when folded, but it unfolds into a 7-inch one. The source did not clarify whether OnePlus plans to keep the same size of the phone, but considering that the word ‘identical’ was used in the title, it’s possible. We’re also not sure if it will offer different specs, or will it use the exact same phone with different software (which is possible).

I reviewed the OPPO Find N a while back, and other than the software, which is made for the Chinese market, it was a truly compelling phone. OPPO did not launch it in global markets, not yet.

The OPPO Find N under OnePlus’ brand, and with its software, could become quite popular

If it does arrive to global markets, though, it could be a true hit for the company. With OnePlus’ name and software attached to it, it could become even more appealing.


Having said that, we’re not sure when is this phone supposed to launch. Based on previous reports, OnePlus is not expected to launch a foldable smartphone this year. Things may change, though, of course.

The company is, however, expected to launch the OnePlus 10 and OnePlus 10 Ultra still, and a number of Nord-branded phones. If the first OnePlus foldable doesn’t arrive in 2022, then it’s surely coming next year. It remains to be seen.