You Can Now Download Unreal Engine 5

Unreal engine 5 poster

Ironically, as UNREAL Engine progresses, things start to look more REAL. Unreal Engine 5 was shown off a few months ago with a demonstration/Matrix Resurrections ad spot. Now that the demo stage is over, the graphics engine is now available to download today.

If you don’t remember the demo, a few months ago, Epic Games released a short demonstration of the engine to download. It was released for the PS5 and for the Xbox systems, and the graphics were mind-boggling. They showed a level of detail that surpassed what we’ve seen previously. They really walked the line between video game graphics and pre-rendered graphics.

And now, you can download the Unreal Engine 5

If you were blown away by the demonstration, then you should be happy to know that Unreal Engine 5 is available to be downloaded today. This was announced right after the company’s State of Unreal event that wrapped up. You’ll be able to own the engine that’s currently powering Fortnite Chapter 3. If that doesn’t get you excited, then you can download the engine now for free and make your own game!


It’s obvious that the main thing that excites people is the ability to create realistic-looking visuals using the engine. We’ve seen great graphics on the consoles so far without the engine: Have you seen Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart or Horizon Zero Dawn: Forbidden West? However, with Unreal Engine 5, there’s no telling just how realistic you can make your games look.

What improvements can we expect?

Well, a lot! Some of the main improvements have to do with lighting and optimization. There’s a feature in Unreal Engine 5 that allows for better lighting. Ray tracing is becoming more of a thing nowadays, and this is something that the engine hopes to improve on. Lumen will help the system create realistic-looking light, and that’s really important. Creating realistic lighting is still a work in progress when it comes to video games, with ray tracing still a pretty novel feature.

Next, there’s a technology called Nanite. This helps you bring in higher-quality textures but keep the framerate high. You’ll get these features and more with the engine, and you can download it today for free. Just know that you’ll need to have a powerful computer if you plan on making high-quality games.


Download Unreal Engine 5