Clubhouse Finally Starts Rolling Out Dark Mode

Clubhouse Logo

Whenever a new app comes out, there’s always a chorus of people demanding a dark mode for it. Because of that, most of the apps we know and love come with a dark mode. Popular chat room app Clubhouse is the latest to jump on this bandwagon, as the company just announced a dark mode for the app.

Clubhouse describes its dark mode as ‘velvety dark’

At this point, we’ve seen most of our favorite apps with a dark gray coat of paint. It really makes them all look great for some reason, and so many people take to social media when an app doesn’t offer it. It’s gotten to the point where iOS and Android 12 have a system-wide dark mode that automatically switches apps to dark mode.

If you don’t have those operating systems, you can still set Clubhouse to its dark mode. According to the company’s blog post, this mode is primarily for people who use the app at night. It has text that’s “light, but not too light” on top of a “velvety dark background”; so yeah, a dark mode.


Enabling the mode

Turning on dark mode for Clubhouse will be really simple. All you have to do is go to the settings and select “Dark Mode”. When you do so, you’ll have two options. The first option will keep the mode on regardless of your device’s theme. However, there’s a User device Setting option. This means that it’ll be in dark mode only when your phone’s system theme is in dark mode.

Dark mode for Clubhouse is rolling out for iOS and Android starting April 14th. You’ll want to keep an eye out for the update when the day comes. Search up Clubhouse in the Google Play Store and look to see if you have an update queued up.

You can also hold down on the Clubhouse app on the home screen and tap the App Info button. From there, scroll down to App Details and tap that option. It will take you to the Google Play Store page.