Chrome For Android May Soon Let You Restore Multiple Tabs At Once

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You may soon be able to restore multiple tabs at once on Chrome for Android. A recently added experimental flag to the Chromium Gerrit hints at this upcoming feature. There’s no timeline regarding its public rollout though.

The ability to restore all recently closed tabs at once is already available on the desktop version of Chrome. It saves a lot of time and effort when you open certain web pages every day, either for work or some other purpose. You close the entire window at the end of the day and when you return the next day, you simply go to the “Recently closed” section in History and you will be able to restore all the tabs that were open the last time.

Unfortunately, you can’t do the same on Chrome for Android. While you can still open multiple tabs on the mobile app, and even close them all at once, when it comes to restoring, you’ll have to manually restore each tab one by one. You cannot tab one button to restore them all at once. Even tabs opened as a group has to be restored one at a time, which can be a real pain at times.


Google is finally making it simpler, it seems. Like on desktop, Chrome for Android should let you restore all recently closed tabs from the “Recently closed” section under Recent tabs. Tabs opened as a group will likely restore as a group.

When will Chrome for Android allow bulk restoring of tabs?

Unfortunately, there’s no word on it yet. The Chromium Gerrit entries are quite new, so Google may have just started working on it. But if things go smoothly, it shouldn’t be long before the new feature rolls out on the Canary channel. The Canary version of Chrome for Android frequently receives updates with new experimental features. The updates come as frequently as once a day. It may soon get the ability to restore multiple tabs at once.

If you want to try out this feature early, you can download the latest Canary version from the Google Play Store (link below). Keep in mind that the Canary build is extremely unstable and may not always work as intended. Always use the stable version that should have come preloaded on your Android smartphone for the best user experience. We will let you know when Chrome for Android gets bulk restoring of tabs in the stable build.