At A Glance Widget Bug Causes The Weather To Disappear

Google At A Glance Broken AM AH 1

One useful feature of the At a glance widget on Android is the ability to view the weather. You get the current weather conditions, well, at a glance and you can get additional information by tapping it (thanks to the March update). However, for some reason, the weather information just randomly disappeared for some users.

According to Phone Arena, a group of people on Reddit reported this issue. The thread includes people who are wondering where the weather information went. The comments on the thread shed some more light on the situation and what people can do to get it back.

This At a Glance widget bug doesn’t get rid of the weather permanently

There are a lot of folks who want to view the weather constantly. This goes, especially, for people who spend a lot of time outside, who are expecting a big weather event, or people expecting an outing. This is why it’s good news that this bug has a workaround. If the weather does go away, one user notes that you should hold down on the widget and go to the settings. Dig into the additional settings and find the weather toggle. Turn it off and then turn it back on.


While that method worked for the user, it won’t work for everyone. In my testing, it didn’t bring the widget back for me. If it doesn’t work for you, then you might just need to wait. Another user stated that the widget disappeared, but it reappeared about a week later.

This At a glance widget bug doesn’t seem to be only affecting a certain Pixel phone. One user said that it affected their Pixel 2 and their Pixel 5. The issue also affected my Pixel 6.

Since this isn’t a giant debilitating bug, we’re not sure if Google will make any announcements regarding it. If Google is made aware of the issue, it might look into it and push an update, but that’s not too likely.


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They saw face unlock as a feature in the biometric security options menu. Even though the user saw this, they weren’t able to access the actual face unlock feature.