Android Auto Glitch Uses Wrong Language For Assistant-Read Messages

Android Auto AH NS 05

Android Auto is one of the most popular driving platforms out there, but there’s a new glitch that’s been irritating some users. For some reason, the Google Assistant is reading out messages in the wrong language. According to Auto Evolution, people have been sounding off in the Google forum about the issue.

Driving and technology don’t mix sometimes. This is why Android Auto is such a good thing. It allows you to receive and reply to messages while driving using your voice. This eliminates the need to look down at your phone while driving. Companies like Spotify also have means of keeping you safe while driving like the Car Thing and Car Mode.

Android Auto glitch causes Assistant to read messages in the wrong language

Suffice to say, if you use Android Auto a lot for messaging, you’re going to want the Assistant to read your messages in a language you can understand. However, that’s not the case for some individuals. According to the report, several users took to the Google forum to comment about an odd glitch.


When reading back WhatsApp messages to a Brazilian customer, the Assistant would read them in Portuguese (Portugal). However, the customer had their device set to read in Brazilian Portuguese. This is only one of several cases that were reported to the company.

Right now, there doesn’t seem to be a local solution to the problem. However, Google did respond and say that it’s investigating the issue right now. It doesn’t seem like a major issue, so a fix shouldn’t take too long; that’s just speculation, however.

The best thing to do is avoid messaging while driving altogether, but sometimes, important messages pop up while you’re on the road. Being able to understand them is important. The source states that the investigation is still in the early stages, so there’s no telling just when the fix will come.


In Other Driving News: Spotify introduced Car Mode

Speaking of keeping people safe while driving, Spotify has been testing out Car Mode for the app. This mode will activate when you connect your phone to your car via Bluetooth. Car Mode simplifies the interface and makes it a lot less distracting for the driver. It’s testing now, so you should be able to see it soon.

The new mode replaced Car View that came before it. The company dropped the feature a few months ago without any word of a successor. In many ways, Car Mode is a lot better than Car view, as it gives you more options.