You Can Get The Android 13 Beta Without Wiping Your Data

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The latest first for Android usually launches during Google I/O, but Google decided that Christmas should come early this year. Today, the company just released the first official beta for Android 13, and what’s neat is that you don’t need to erase your data if you’re on the Android 12 beta.

This is one of the main things that bothered people who wanted to have a front-row seat for both betas. Usually, when you leave the Android beta program, all of the data is wiped off of your phone. In years before, that wasn’t much of an issue. The beta program would stop with the stable release.

The issue is that with Android 12, Google decided to extend the beta testing phase. This means that there are people who are still on the beta version. They’re afraid of having their data wiped.


You can get the Android 13 beta without wiping your data

According to 9To5Google, if you’re on the latest Android 12 beta, there’s a way to hop onto the Android 13 beta without getting rid of your data. It will require you to do certain steps in order, however. First, you’re going to want to go to the Google beta page. There, you should see your eligible Pixel devices in the beta program. For the device you want to update to the Android 13 beta, you should see the Opt-out option if it’s already enlisted.

Click the opt-out button. After you do that, you’ll get a popup explaining that you’re leaving the beta and that an update is on its way. DON’T install that update. Instead, click the opt-in button immediately. After you do so, another popup will appear. This one will explain the Android 12 beta and the Android 13 beta and what they’re about. Select the Android 13 beta.

You’ll get another popup telling you that there’s another update on its way. Wait a bit, and then go to your phone’s settings. Go to the System section and tap the Update button. Search for the newest update sent by Google. it should allow you to update to the Android 13 beta. Make sure that you read the information before tapping “Install”.


After that point, you’ll download and install the beta and get your first taste of Android 13.