Android 12 Starts Rolling Out To The Motorola Edge 20

Motorola phone logo 02 DG AH 2020

Android 12 has started to roll out to the Motorola Edge 20. This update is identified as software version S1RG32.53-18-11, and it’s rolling out to the XT2143-1-DS variant of the device. Do note that this is the model that’s available in Brazil.

The Motorola Edge 20 is now getting Android 12

Even if you own a different variant, you should be getting this update in the near future. Motorola has a tendency to continue rolling out to more markets soon after the initial one.

This update follows the Moto G Pro and Moto G30 Android 12 updates. The Moto G Pro was the first in line to get Android 12, as far as Motorola’s offerings are concerned.


The update will roll out to your phone as soon as it’s ready, as this is a staged rollout, of course. The device will let you know once the OTA (Over-The-Air) update is ready to go. You can also manually check for it by navigating to Settings -> System -> Advanced -> System Updates.

Now, if you’re unwilling to wait for the update to land on your phone, there’s a solution for that. You can use the Motorola Rescue and Smart Assistant Tool, and get the update installed manually. Do note that this software can provide you with the updated firmware package, and flash it on your phone, but you’ll need a PC.

This update brings quite a few new features to the phone, and design changes too

Android 12 update for the Motorola Edge 20 does bring a ton of new features to the device, including the new Material You design. A new notification panel is here as well, and the same goes for Privacy Dashboard.


Scrolling screenshots are included in this update for the device, as are new home screen widgets. These are all regular Android 12 features, but Motorola does include some of its own too.

You’ll find the company’s customizations in My UX skin, such as the ability to turn on the flashlight with a chop gesture, to launch the camera with a twist of your wrist, and so on. Those features were available in Android 11 too, though.

Android 12 is coming to Razr 5G, Motorola Edge 5G, Moto G200, Moto G50, and more devices. We’re not sure when will it become available, though.