Amazon Adds Mobile Games Amazon Kids+

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Amazon has a subscription service that’s centered around kid-friendly content called Amazon Kids+. According to Engadget, the company is expanding the type of content that’s on the service. Today, Amazon is introducing two new mobile games that anyone can play for free by downloading them from their favorite app stores. The games are also available as part of the Amazon Kids+ subscription service, and soon subscribers will have access to bonus content.

If you’ve been relatively conscious for the past couple of years, you’ll know one of the games (or at least its mascot). The first game is Super Spy Ryan by Pocket Watch. This multiplayer game comes from the Ryan’s World franchise, and it’s something that a lot of kids might like.

The other game sounds a bit more generic, but if your child likes music, they might like this game. It’s called Do, Re & Me. As the name suggests, it’s centered around music. Much like with Super Spy Ryan, it’s based on a show available on Amazon Prime Video. This game is a musical education game for those between about five and seven.


Aside from the games, what else comes with Amazon Kid+?

Amazon Kids+ is a subscription that’s full of content focused on (you guessed it) kids. There, kids will have access to a plethora of books, games, shows, movies, and other stuff. Kids can use the service as an all-in-one place for fun and educational content.

You can access the Kids+ service if you have any of the Amazon Fire tablets or compatible iOS or Android tablets. You can also get the service on Amazon Fire TVs, Echos, and Kindle devices. The service starts at $4.99/month ($2.99/month for a Prime member) for a single user. A family plan is $9.99/month ($6.99/month for a Prime member).

What else is Amazon doing? Let’s talk about Amp

Clubhouse is holding its own quite well despite the competition from multi-billion (and multi-trillion) companies butting in. It created the popular audio chatroom format, and Amazon is looking to bring its own take on it. Instead of focusing on conversations, Amazon’s “Amp” platform will focus on music. People will be able to host their own radio shows, so to speak.


With the service, people will be able to stream licensed music to the public and also have conversations. We’re not sure when this service is going to launch, but when it does, it might be pretty popular.