Alexa Can Alert You When Your Camera Detects A Person

Amazon Alexa AM AH

Voice assistants and smart home devices go together in total harmony. If you use Amazon’s Alexa as the main voice assistant for your smart home products, then there’s some good news. Now, according to Engadget, Amazon’s Alexa will alert you when your camera detects that a person is present.

If you have a complete smart home setup, then you most likely use a singular voice assistant to govern the whole setup. Alexa powers Amazon’s suite of smart home devices, and it keeps everything going smoothly.

Now, Alexa will alert you if it detects a person or a package

While Alexa can help you keep an eye on everything, there’s still room for improvement. Amazon just gave Alexa the ability to alert the user when the cameras detect a person. It will also alert you if that person leaves a package. When the person shows up on a supported camera or doorbell, the user will get a notification on their phone via the Alexa app, Fire Tablet, Echo speaker, or Echo Show device.


This will be a good way to know if someone shows up who you’re expecting (or, better yet, someone you’re not expecting). You’ll be able to better keep an eye on who’s on your property so you can act quicker. It’d be better to get a phone notification at 3:00 am that someone’s there rather than hearing someone who’s already in your house.

Not only will you get notifications when someone is there, but you’ll also get notifications when a package is left. Right now, there’s a big emphasis on contactless deliveries. This means that you won’t know the exact moment your package arrives. That puts their package in danger of being stolen by other people in the neighborhood.

This feature will work on several devices

Amazon doesn’t have its own in-house line of security cameras, so it has to distribute this feature to other camera manufacturers. All Ring doorbells and cameras support this feature now, but in order to use it, you’ll need a Ring Protect subscription.


This feature will be available for other cameras in the near future like the Abode Iota and Outdoor cameras. Also, it will work with several of Google’s Nest home security products.