You'll Soon See Ads On YouTube Shorts

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If you thought you could avoid ads while watching YouTube Shorts, then you’d be wrong. According to Android Central, YouTube is in the process of testing ads on its Shorts platform.

Google didn’t make its earnings goals for Q1 of 2022, but YouTube actually saw some growth. The company saw a growth of 14% in ad revenue. Consequently, Google is looking to keep that momentum going. During an earnings call on Tuesday, Google’s chief business officer, Phillip Shindler stated that YouTube is going to start pushing ads for its shorts.

Shorts are YouTube’s answer to TikTok; a lot of the top social media platforms have one of those. These are the vertical-scrolling videos shot in portrait mode. You’re given a torrent of random videos, and people tend to post a wide gamut of content from inspired to insane.


Now, YouTube is testing ads on its Shorts

TikTok has offered ads on its platform for a bit, and that helped generate ad revenue for the most popular “Tokers” out there. Other than that, the company has granted millions of dollars to its creators through its creator fund.

Now, YouTube is looking to offer ads on the Shorts platform. Schindler stated that the company will focus on offering ads for app downloads for the time being. While that’s true, we can’t rule out the company expanding to more types of ads in the future.

If this does take off, we’ll start seeing ads on the platform that are formatted for the portrait orientation. This means that advertisers will need to make ads specifically formatted for Shorts. If anything, we could probably imagine ads like the ones you see on Snapchat.


Right now, you shouldn’t expect to see ads anytime soon, as this is still in its early stages, as per Schindler’s statement. When they do arrive, we expect to see some sort of announcement from Google.

In Other YouTube News: The Like Counter Has Disappeared For Some People

We all know that the dislike counter has been taken down by YouTube. However, some users logged on to find that even the like counter was missing. We’re not sure why, as YouTube didn’t make any sort of announcement about it. For all we know, it could be a bug. Hopefully, it is a bug and not a new change from YouTube.