10 Most Popular Altcoin Trading Apps For Android Users

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Over the past few decades, there have been many cryptocurrencies introduced to the crypto space. Every crypto other than Bitcoin, the first crypto is called altcoins as they are considered alternatives to bitcoin. As its popularity is continuously growing, altcoin trading apps are available that are compatible with almost every device. Because of the abundant options available, choosing the right app might be a tricky task. To make this task easy and make an informed decision, here are the ten most popular and effective altcoins supported by android devices.

1. eToro

Currently, there are 23 million users of the eToro app, making it one of the most used and popular altcoin exchange apps in the United States. Its popularity is due to the low platform fees, and you are not asked to pay any transaction fee or commission. eToro, instead of charging transaction fees, charges a spread. A spread is generally a difference in the coins’ buy and sells price. The spared could vary widely with the type of altcoins, but generally, the average spread remains 1.90% most of the time.

2. Weibull

Weibull is the best choice for those looking for the best alternative to eToro. When it comes to free altcoin trading apps, WeBull has proven to be the best. The services offered by WeBull are many, including fractional investing. The app offers commission-free trading of over 20 different altcoins. They cover various niches such as Decentraland, Fantom, Cosmos, and more.


3. Bybit

Bybit is a smash-hit altcoin trading app with low trading costs. The apps provide customer support to their users around the clock; they have a chat system that ensures that the users receive help whenever they need it. The deposit fee charges are nil and have numerous trading options. If you are looking forward to using the Bybit mobile app, consider visiting https://learn.bybit.com/altcoins to learn more.

4. Phoenix

Phoenix is a fiat currency-supported cryptocurrency exchange platform with a very low trading fee of around 0.5%. Like everything mentioned above, the app is user-friendly on almost every mobile app interference with excellent 24×7 customer care or live chat support.

5. Coinbase

The Coinbase app is the ideal choice for those looking for the finest bitcoin wallet apps. After eToro, Coinbase is ranked as the second-largest crypto coin [altcoin] exchange platform; the daily trading volume is about 3bn. The app has an impressive range of cryptocurrencies available for trade, with an asset count exceeding 8000. The app charges a certain amount of flat fee, which varies with size and mode of payment.


6. AltCoinTraders

The AltCoinTraders app is a south African-based exchange platform that came to light in 2015. This exchange platform receives credit card deposits, and the users can fund their accounts. There is a wide range of altcoins available for the users to trade, the trading fee is extremely low, and the users can earn better returns using easy save. Easy Save doesn’t have any lockup period and acts as instant access to your funds.

7. Binance

Binance is another most popularly used crypto exchange app that offers low-cost markets. The daily trading volume of the app exceeds ten billion every day. The commission charged is a nominal charge of 0.10 percent per slide. The fees and funding options available vary with your location.

8. Gemini

Gemini app is best suited for those who aim at assigning larger sums to their investments. When you choose to install this crypto exchange app on your mobile phone, multilevel security and many security schemes are provided to you. The downside of the platform is that there is a limited number of coins to trade and the fee is on the higher side.


9. Coinsmart

The most attractive feature of the Coinsmart app is that the traders can cash out on the same day and instant crypto to crypto conversions. The trading fee varies with the type of trades carried out, such as 0.2% for single traders and 0.4 for double trades.

10. Kraken

And finally comes Kraken, another fiat currency-supported crypto exchange platform that doesn’t require much transaction fee. The fee ranges from 0 to 0.26. The major advantage of the app is that it is accessible on android, iOS, and web apps.