ZTE Takes Its MBB Series To The Next Gen With New 5G Solutions At MWC

ZTE 5G MBB family MWC 2022

ZTE took the opportunity presented by the MWC event in Barcelona with a host of new products for 2022, including a new 5G-enabled series of MBB devices. That’s based on reports following the announcement of the new hardware.

For clarity, the new 5G series of MBB devices include no fewer than five gadgets. Those are the ZTE 5G Indoor CPE MC888 Ultra, the 5G Indoor CPE MC888, 5G MiFi MY5120, 5G Outdoor CPE MC889 Pro, and the 5G Outdoor CPE MC889. The new series represents ZTE’s fourth generation of MBB. With each of the new gadgets effectively aimed at offering a broadband connection in their immediate vicinity. More directly, one that’s powered by 5G mobile networks.

What are the new ZTE MBB series devices announced at MWC 2022?

Now, reports don’t highlight pricing or availability for the new devices at MWC as of this writing. But quite a few other details have been shared.


The latest ZTE 5G Indoor CPE MC888 and MC888 Ultra, for example, are powered by Snapdragon mobile platforms. The Ultra variant gains its distinction thanks to the Snapdragon X65 while the standard variant comes with the Snapdragon X62. And the difference that makes couldn’t be more dramatic.

The Ultra version, for instance, supports Wi-Fi 6E standards. That means it supports up to 6000Mbps with support for mmW-Sub6 NR CA and 3GPP R16 standards. What’s more, it comes with new self-ventilating heat dissipation technology.

Comparatively, the standard version of ZTE 5G Indoor CPE MC888 maxes out at  3600Mbps with Wi-Fi 6 support. And it allows up to 32 connections simultaneously.


The ZTE 5G Outdoor CPE MC889 Pro and the 5G Outdoor CPE MC889, as the branding implies, are meant to actor to those who want their MBB outside. The Pro model takes that a step further, offering IP67 certification on the water and dust resistance side of the equation. That’s as compared to the IP65 rating of the standard model. But both are set to keep working even at negative 40-degree temperatures.

Details haven’t been made readily available for the ZTE MiFi MY5120 just yet. However, both the Pro and standard 5G Outdoor CPE MC889 models support mmWave and Sub-6 5G connections. While the Pro variant will also feature super gain antenna technology capable of 11dBi. Meaning that it will have a stronger reach in terms of reception.