YouTube Music Is Having Issues Casting To Video Devices

YouTube Music AH NS 03

YouTube Music seems to be having some issues casting to Chromecast devices. According to 9To5Google, a bunch of users across different corners of the internet can’t get YouTube Music to cast to their devices. These reports come from the Google forum and from Reddit.

Casting is a big part of many people’s lives. It allows them to take the content on their phones and beam it directly to a smart TV or streaming dongle. It’s often a more convenient solution because users are signed in to all of their accounts on their phones most of the time. It means that they don’t need to sign in on the other device as well.

YouTube TV is having casting issues on different devices

While casting is really convenient, it’s not super helpful when it doesn’t work. There has been a slew of reports from multiple sources pointing to YouTube music having casting issues. People sounded off on Reddit and Google’s forum. Also, folks at 9To5Google were able to reproduce this issue.


When trying to cast to a support device, the user would be met with the YouTube TV splash screen, and that’s it. No music would play, at all. After a while, the splash screen would go away and the device would just drop the connection. There wouldn’t be any sort of error message displayed or any sort of feedback.

This bug seems to affect different Chromecast devices across different operating systems. Some users were using the Chromecast Ultra, while other users were using third-party streaming devices. This casting issue seems to affect YouTube Music on both Android TV and Google TV.

Right now, Google hasn’t responded to this issue. When it eventually picks up on this, the company should, hopefully, issue a fix for it.


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