YouTube Is Looking To Increase Focus On Podcasts

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Spotify has developed a thriving podcast platform over the past year, and the same goes for Facebook. Last year, we got word that YouTube was also following suit and putting a focus on podcasts. It assigned Kai Chuk as the head of YouTube’s podcast division, but we didn’t get much word on what was planned. That is until an 84-page presentation was sent to Podnews.

Podcasting is a popular form of media, and multiple companies are gearing up to support it. Spotify is relatively new to the table, but it really developed a large podcasting platform. LinkedIn recently launched its podcasting platform as well. This just shows that there’s serious money to be made in the podcasting market.

YouTube will now focus on podcasts

When there’s money to be made, you can bet that big companies are going to want to be involved. YouTube is a popular platform for people to host their podcasts. While some people like to post the audio version of their podcasts to YouTube, most people post video podcasts.


Yes, people can post their podcasts, but that doesn’t really make it a true-to-form podcasting platform. That all might soon change. An 84-page presentation with YouTube’s plan for podcasting was just revealed. The information involves a plan for a dedicated podcasts tab in the app and on the desktop version. It will show you a curated list of podcasts to make it easier to find them.

Also, YouTube is planning on having audio ads on the platform. This should come as no surprise. These ads will be provided by Google and possibly by partners. Creators might have control over when these ads play, and they shouldn’t be different from ads on other podcasting platforms.

YouTube will also provide analytics for creators to see how they’re doing. We don’t have much insight into what the metrics will look like, however. There might be a dedicated podcasts tab in the metrics.


Since YouTube is going to focus on podcasts, a lot of creators might hop on board. Since YouTube is already a big platform, we can expect it to be good competition.