Xiaomi App Basically Confirms Leica Partnership

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One of Xiaomi’s apps has basically confirmed the company’s partnership with Leica. This information was revealed by the Gallery Editor app, which is included in Xiaomi’s Chinese MIUI ROM.

Xiaomi app has basically confirmed the company’s partnership with Leica

The source found some translation strings which are directly related to Leica. One of them refers to filters that are used for editing photos and videos. Based on that information, we may find those in the upcoming Xiaomi 12 Ultra.

This is not surprising at all, though. Leica partnership has been rumored for a while now, and the company’s branding is even visible in the latest Xiaomi 12 Ultra poster that leaked recently.


Leica, as most of you know, was partnered up with Huawei for a long time. That partnership ended, and it seems like Xiaomi jumped at the chance to partner up with this German company that manufactures cameras, optical lenses, binoculars, and so on.

Leica is one of the best-known names in the business

Leica is, actually, one of the best-known names in the business when it comes to camera lenses. We’re not sure what kind of a role will it have when it comes to Xiaomi phones, but its lenses will be used.

It seems like some photo filters will also be available, and it remains to be seen if Leica will have any other input. Huawei had excellent cameras, and still does, so it’s possible Leica had some input.


Such partnerships do take place mostly because of marketing, though. OnePlus and OPPO are both partnered up with Hasselblad at this point, while Vivo and ZEISS have been partners for a while now.

The Xiaomi 12 Ultra is rumored to launch in May, and it looks quite likely this will be the first phone as a result of this partnership. So, once it launches, we’ll have more information about this, as neither Xiaomi nor Leica announced their partnership just yet.