What Percentage Of The World's Population Uses Android Betting Applications?

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Have you ever considered the number of people who use Android operating systems compared to other options? Take Hungary as an example. The 2021 market share revealed that 79.61% of the population relies on Android devices. iOS comes second with 19.4%, leaving the rest of the population to use Samsung, Windows, etc. And that accounts for less than 2% of the population. So, assuming that punters were to bet on the Bet 365 app, we can safely assume that 4 in 5 punters would be Android users. And these are statistics that bookies must now consider as they launch their betting apps in the market.

The question is, how many people in the world use Android betting apps? And why would people choose Android over other operating systems? Let’s find out:

How Many People Use Android Betting Apps?

This question is not easy to answer. It would require a lot of consolidation on the part of the bookies to arrive at an accurate answer. And even then, it would still have a high degree of error. So, let’s work with what we know. According to 2021 reports, about 3 billion people in the world use Android smartphones. And about 900 million people use iOS-powered phones. Using these statistics as our base, we can assume that Android betting apps would have a higher reach. 2021 statistics revealed that Android users accounted for 72.05% of the smartphone users globally, leaving iOS users with 27.51% of the market. You can see that these statistics are pretty much what we saw in Hungary.


We can thus safely assume that 72.05% of punters use Android betting apps while 27.51% use iOS betting apps. Of course, we make the following assumptions to come to this conclusion:

  • That worldwide statistics reflect the betting app uptake, and
  • That the market positions of Android and iOS software remain in effect even in the betting market.

And that would mean that for every 10 people, 7-8 use an Android app while 2-3 use an iOS app.

Why Are Android Operating Systems Such a Hit for Bettors?

Okay – there’s no denying that Android is the more popular system. But why is that the case? To understand why people choose these systems (thus inevitably installing Android betting apps), we must understand their edge over the competition. What makes them a good choice?

  • Ease of charging: If you have used an iOS device or know someone who has, you know how picky these devices can be with chargers. So, you either have your charger on you, or you are in for quite a ride. But with Android? You can choose almost any charger and use it on your device! That means you will not miss out on a bet because your phone went off, and you could not charge it in time.
  • Added phone choices: How many phones use Android operating systems? Countless! So, if you ever want to upgrade to another phone, you can do so easily. Plus, most of these phones are affordable, and you can find something within your price range. You can still reinstall your betting app because you can find it under your Google Play Store apps.
  • Expandable memory: Until a few years ago, most Android phones had removable batteries. And that allowed you to replace the battery and not the whole phone when needed. That’s no longer the standard, but you can still look for such options. But in almost all Android phones, you can expand the memory to fit your storage needs. And that’s a huge plus when installing betting apps because some can take up a lot of space.
  • Tons of widgets: Sometimes, your phone’s performance can suffer a hit that affects your gaming experience. But thanks to the many widgets on Android devices, you can find a feature that can enhance your phone’s performance. You get to enjoy more speed without forking out money to replace your device.
  • Better performance: Some people think that because iOS devices attract a lot of attention, they are the best options. But Android devices sometimes outperform these gadgets. Take the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge series as an example. Compare it with the iPhone 6S Plus, and the disparities are apparent. You are better off with an Android device in this case – it offers you better speed, more storage, and increased battery life. What else do you need for your betting?
  • More software choices: With iOS, you are restricted to the platforms you can download apps. And while this works in favor of more security, it also limits your choices. Android systems allow you to shop and look at all the options available. So, when you finally find something that fits what you want, you can get it. We can’t say the same about iOS devices.

Besides, the Google Play Store is easy to use and does not impose rules on how and where you can load the apps. Once you install them, you can use them as you please. It’s not hard to see why bettors continue to choose Android operating systems over the other options.

Do you use an Android betting app? If so, what has your experience been?