'Verizon Up' Change Means You Need To Spend All Your 'Device Dollars

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Smartphone carriers have all sorts of special memberships to give their users additional perks for being loyal customers. Verizon’s “Verizon Up” program is one of those. However, according to Droid Life, there’s a huge change coming to the program, and this means that customers will need to spend all of their device dollars.

Similar to Google Play Points, Verizon Up grants additional perks for remaining a customer. These act as incentives to keep people on Verizon amid the competition’s attempts as making them switch up. You’re already spending a good chunk of change on Verizon’s plans, so you might as well reap some benefits while you’re at it.

A Big change to Verizon Up is coming up

Right now, Verizon Up users are scratching their heads after the company sent out a mass email. The email explains that Verizon Up will be having a complete metamorphosis in the coming months. It didn’t go too far into what exactly will be coming, but it did issue this award-winning line “[Verizon Up] will evolve into a completely new experience designed entirely around you and the things you love.”


That doesn’t say too much, but it could mean that the whole experience will be tailored to the individual. It could be centered around what services the user uses most. That’s both good and bad. Good because people could get curated perks and content.

However, how much of the users’ data will be skimmed in order for this to properly work? If this is as bad as some people think, then we shudder to think about the lengthy Terms of Service people will have to agree to.

In any case, the new Verizon Up will introduce some new additions like access to Travelpass, access to anniversary offers, presale events, and Super Tickets. We’ll need to wait and see what these all entail.


You need to spend all of your Device Dollars

In the email, Verizon recommended that people spend all of their Device Dollars. The change to Verizon is just that big. This hints at a major infrastructural change for the Verizon Up program. It could also hint at Device Dollars going away altogether. Right now, Verizon customers will need to wait and see what happens.