Verizon Introduces +play Hub To Manage Subscription Services

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The entertainment industry is slowly being dominated by streaming services, and carriers are capitalizing on that. Verizon just announced a new service called +play to help you manage and organize your subscription services.

+play is a Verizon service that lets you manage your subscription services

With so many different subscriptions available today, it’s easy to access almost any sort of content you want to watch. From Prime Video to Peacock, from Discovery+ to Disney+, there are tons of services that can grant you access to great content at a low monthly fee. And that’s a HUGE problem!

It’s very easy to sign up for a few too many services and wind up paying much more than you intend to. Oftentimes, people forget that they have services active until they see $9.99 gone from their bank accounts. Not only that, but the more services people sign up for, the harder it is to keep track of all the new content coming out.


However, Verizon has a solution in the form of +play. This service is exclusive to Verizon customers, and it gives them a unified way to manage their subscriptions.  Verizon partnered with a plethora of different companies such as Netflix, Live Nation’s Veeps, and Peloton for this venture. It will also feature streaming platforms such as Disney+, Discovery+, A+E Networks, AMC+, and a bunch more. All of these subscription services will be on the +play hub to be organized.

This will come later in the year

Right now, this service is still in the early stages of development. Verizon will start trials at the end of March. It’ll include testing the service on a limited group of customers to gain feedback on the service and compile it. The company didn’t give a date when +play will actually launch, but the service is said to debut later in the year. Seeing as it’s only March, later in the year could really mean anything.

When the Verizon +play service actually launches, it will be free of charge for Verizon customers. Not only that, but as time goes on, it’s very possible that more services will be added on.