Twitter Just Made Searching Your Direct Messages Better

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Twitter let its users search their direct messages for some time now, but it mostly centered around sniffing out the people they’re messaging. Now, Twitter added a new feature to its search that makes it better for finding individual messages.

Sometimes, you’re bombarded with a bunch of messages from people on social media. This only gets worse if you’re a popular figure on the platform. It can be hard wading through all of the messages you’d get on a daily basis. This is why Twitter added in the search feature for its direct messages. It makes the process of finding the most important people easier.

Twitter improved the ability to search your direct messages

Today, Twitter just made the search feature better. When you would typically search in the messages, you’d search for the user’s name to find their messages. But, what if you wanted to refine the search even more than that? Now you can. Now, Twitter gives you the ability to search through the actual content in the messages.


This is great if you’re trying to track down a certain message, but you don’t remember when you sent it. Also, if you sent a message to someone months or years ago, and you’re trying to look up that message. You wouldn’t want to scroll through hundreds of messages just to find one.

How does this work?

When you want to search your messages, first go to your messages and tap on the search bar up top. Go ahead and type in the keyword that’s in the message you’re looking for. It can be any word that’s in the message. Just know that the less specific the word is, the more results you’ll get, so you might want to be specific.

When you initially type in the word, you’ll get different types of results at first. Up top, you’ll get people as results and groups right below that. Lastly, you’ll see individual messages right under those. At first, you’ll only see a handful of messages.


If you don’t see what you’re looking for at first, don’t worry. Up top, switch to the messages tab. There, you’ll get the full list of message results. This feature is live for both Android and iOS. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, then you’ll need to make sure that your app is updated.