TikTok Library Makes It Easy To Add GIPHY Content To Your Videos

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Right now, TikTok has a suite of creativity tools to let you create videos. While that’s true, the company just unveiled a new feature called TikTok Library. This will be a hub for creators to tack on different forms of media onto their videos from GIPHY. It will make the whole process of adding to your videos easier.

As it stands things are going both ways for TikTok. While it’s adding on features like video history and the Library, it’s also dealing with some legal issues. Two former TikTok content moderators are suing the company because of the disturbing nature of a lot of videos posted onto the platform.

TikTok introduced TikTok Library to help add content to your videos

Right now, you can add content to your TikToks while you’re uploading, but the company wants to make the whole process even more fun. When you’re uploading a video, you’re able to add video effects, voice effects, sounds, music (of course), and stickers to it.


Those options are all pretty neat and easy to access, but the TikTok Library will take that to the next level. It will integrate GIPHY into the platform, so you’ll be able to use GIFs straight from the service. Also, you’ll be able to use GIPHY Clips. These are GIFs with sound added.

How to use the Library

If you’re excited to use the new TikTok Library feature, then it’s pretty easy to use. From the camera view, look for the “New Library” option on the vertical sidebar. From there, you’ll be taken to the main screen of the library. It will show you a feed of the trending GIFs on the platform.

You can either scroll down and find the GIF you want or tap on the search bar and finetune your search. Once you find the GIF you want, your work isn’t done. You’ll be able to actually trim and fit your clip so that it’s the right length for your video.


From there, you’ll be able to post it to your video and get ready to start trending (maybe). If you don’t see the library just yet, then you’ll have to wait. It just started rolling out, so it might take some time to make it to you.