T-Mobile To Unleash New Connect Plans For Smartphone Users

01 T Mobile Logo SIM DG AH 2020

Starting March 25, T-Mobile will reportedly offer brand new takes on its budget-friendly prepaid Connect plans for smartphone users. Starting with one billed as the “lowest price smartphone plan ever.”

The cost of that new T-Mobile Connect plan will be set at just $10 per month. Bringing the cost of a plan from the carrier to $5 less than its closest rival offering. Namely, Mint Mobile’s $15 per month plan.

What’s included with this and the other new Connect plans and how does it stack against other T-Mobile offerings?

Now, $10 per month isn’t going to be a great deal for those who need unlimited data. But for those who don’t or as a starter plan, it’s hardly scoff-worthy. For that price, T-Mobile will be offering prepaid users up to 1,000 talk minutes and the same number of texts. It will also be offering 1GB of monthly data.


That’s as compared to the provider’s existing Connect plans, which deliver up to 5GB of T-Mobile data and unlimited text and talk time from $15.  The previous plans, with 2GB of data for $15 and 5GB for $25, will still be in place as well. So consumers will have more choices than ever when it comes to affordable prepaid plans.

Additionally, the company will offer a completely new, higher-tier addition to its T-Mobile Connect prepaid plans. Set at $35 per month, the new plan will offer similar benefits to those mentioned above. Namely, unlimited calls and texts for subscribers. But with access to 12GB of data.

Why is the company offering these now?

T-Mobile’s Connect plans were put in place as part of regulatory requirements associated with its $26 billion Sprint merger. So this may have less to do with competing companies’ plans. And more to do with T-Mobile upholding its end of the bargain in terms of keeping regulators sated since the deal was approved and the merger completed in 2020.