New T-Mobile BMW Partnership Will Connect Cars To 5G

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5G is really making it to more corners of our lives, and now, it’s starting to make its way into your cars. T-Mobile has announced a new partnership with BMW to bring the first cars that can connect to 5G. This will basically make the cars giant Wi-Fi hotspots.

While most people protest this, a lot of new cars are connected to the world wide web. They can access 4GLTE and Wi-Fi in order to contact different streaming services, send diagnostics to the manufacturer, get GPS information, and much more. While LTE and Wi-Fi have been good enough, some companies want to push the envelope.

New T-Mobile BMW partnership will bring 5G to cars

This is why T-Mobile tapped BMW to spread its 5G signal to more places. The two companies partnered to bring T-Mobile’s 5G technology to a limited selection of BMW cars. The compatible models are the new 2022 iX and 2022 i4. This new service, called Magenta Drive, will turn your iX into an $83,000 4-wheeled Wi-Fi hotspot ($55,000 if you get the i4).


If you own one of these cars and you have a T-Mobile plan, then you can enjoy this plan, but there will be a price, as expected. Magenta Drive will add an extra $20 to your plan. That seems like quite a large amount to add on, but let’s face it: if you can afford an iX, an extra $20/month shouldn’t clean out the bank.

What do you get with this plan?

A lot, actually. T-Mobile is the best carrier for this type of plan because it’s dominating the 5G race when it comes to coverage. You’re pretty much guaranteed to be covered by T-Mobile anywhere you drive. While you’re in an area with T-Mobile’s 5G, you’ll have unlimited data. Not only that, but you’ll have unlimited voice calls (you just won’t have SMS).

If you’re outside of T-Mobile’s signal, then you have a 200MB roaming safety net. Along with traveling outside of T-Mobile’s signal, what if you’re traveling outside of the country? If that happens, you’ll get 5GB of 4G data in Canada and Mexico. Whan you use all of that, you’ll have unlimited data, but it’ll be slowed to 128kb/s.


If you want to try this out, you can either pick up a T-Mobile plan for your car (or the other way around). Either way you want to go, this plan is available to get today.