Spotify Wants You To Discover Podcasts Via A New Feed

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Spotify has developed a major podcasting platform after making a big push last year. While you can look through your favorite and saved podcasts on the app, the company wants you to discover new ones. As spotted by The Verge, Spotify is testing a new Podcasts discovery feed.

Podcasting is a MAJOR form of media in our digital age. A ton of content creators and companies have their own podcasts. LinkedIn recently developed a podcast platform with a selection of interesting shows. This is why companies like Facebook and Spotify put a lot of money and effort into making podcast platforms.

Spotify is testing a new podcast discovery feed

Now, Spotify is the go-to place for a lot of podcasters and listeners. You can search up your favorite podcast show or creator on the app, but the company wants to introduce you to more shows. Last Friday, The Verge’s Aria Bracci discovered an interesting addition to the Spotify app. It was a dedicated Podcasts tab next to the Home tab.


At first glance, it looks like a hub to consolidate all of your favorite and followed podcasts; however, that’s not the case. When you tap on it, you’ll get a seemingly random feed of podcast shows on the screen. The feed scrolls vertically, and each show that passes fills the whole screen.

When a show lands on the screen, a short clip from the episode plays. What’s interesting is that you’ll see the transcript from that clip being highlighted.

Each show is presented as a card, and each card shows you information about the podcast. It shows the title, the podcast’s show art, what episode is playing, the date that the episode came out, and a brief description of the episode. Under that information, you’ll see a small progress bar for the clip, the ability to add the podcast to your library, and a three-dot menu for more options.


This is in testing

Right now, based on the screen recording, the feature looks really stable, but it’s still being tested. Spotify didn’t indicate just when (or if) this feature will hit the prime time, unfortunately. Hopefully, this feature will become official because it will help people discover new podcasts.

While this might be far-fetched, we can make a slight comparison to TikTok. The mentality of scrolling a vertical feed of randomly curated content is present on both platforms. It’s a good way to be discovered by more people.