Spotify Adds COVID-19 Content Notice To Podcasts

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A lot of the information on COVID-19 spread is through audio, and this is why Spotify added a COVID-19 content notice to its platform. The company has built up a flourishing podcast network, and that potentially makes it a breeding ground for medical misinformation. This is why the company sought to help people find credible sources.

A lot of things are said on the internet nowadays, and that can be a really bad thing. This is only made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic that’s still causing havoc in the world. Since this literally involves life or death scenarios, it’s really important that people have access to the right information when consuming content.

Spotify will display a COVID-19 content notice on content dealing with that topic

According to CNBC, Spotify launched a way to help people find the right information when dealing with COVID-19. This really revolves around the podcasts. If left unchecked, a podcast episode could be an hour-long torrent of misinformation. This is why the company put the notices up.


When you open up content that could be about COVID-19, the app shows you a banner above the podcast episodes. The company launched this feature back in February this year. This banner reads “Learn more about COVID-19”, and tapping on it will send you to a section dedicated to the virus. There, you’ll be fed a bunch of content from trustworthy sources on the topic.

The company promised this feature about two months ago. It was a response to the backlash the company got from hosting the Joe Rogan Show. This show was accused of spreading misinformation about the Coronavirus. The controversy surrounding the show has been hitting the headlines, but it hasn’t stopped Spotify from hosting the show.

Spotify launched this last month; however, the folks at Engadget have yet to get it in Canada. In any case, this is hopefully something that will help give people better information surrounding the virus. According to Spotify itself, the notice appears on north of 1.4 million podcast episodes on the platform.