Samsung Multi-Fold Smartphone Concept Envisioned In Video Format

Samsung multi fold smartphone concept 1

Samsung is allegedly working on a multi-fold foldable smartphone. This patent was spotted about a month ago, and a tipster confirmed that the device is in development. Well, a new concept video has just surfaced, showing us that device.

Samsung multi-fold smartphone concept appears in a video format

This concept design is based on the patent that surfaced, by the way. Letsgodigital reports that Dohyun Kim, a tipster, confirmed that this device is in development. The concept video, which is embedded below, is made by Technizo Concept.

As you can see, this device has both a horizontal and a vertical hinge, so there are two of them. This enables it to fold both horizontally, and vertically. The tipster claims that this device will be slightly larger than the Galaxy Z Fold 3.


Considering that this device folds in two different directions, you can actually fold it so that a part of its display is exposed, or that the display is completely covered. If the former takes place, the device ends up being the size of a regular smartphone, with all three cameras available to use as selfie shooters.

We wonder how would Samsung handle the crease(s) on this device

It’s a very interesting concept, though we can’t help but wonder what about the crease look like. Samsung is not the best when it comes to managing a crease, as both OPPO and HONOR did a better job in that regard.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 has a rather noticeable crease right down the middle. This multi-folding smartphone would have two creases, essentially. When fully unfolded, we can’t help but wonder what it would look like.


Perhaps Samsung has a brilliant way to solve that, we’ll see. This smartphone is also tipped to include an under-display selfie camera, and it may even support the S Pen stylus.

The real device may look very similar to this concept. The tipster claims that the real device will look very similar to the patent that surfaced a month ago, and this concept is based on that patent.

This could be one of Samsung’s experimental phones, because why not. We’ll see if it will ever see the light of day.