Samsung May Be Designing Protective 'Fashion Film' For Its Smartphones

007 Bespoke Edition Z Flip3 Open Back

Samsung might be looking to make customizable skins for its smartphones. The company recently filed a trademark application for the moniker “Fashion Film” with the UK IPO (United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office). It is a Class 9 trademark application with the following description (via):

“Protective and decorative films adapted for smartphones.”

Based on this brief description, it appears Samsung plans to launch designer smartphone skins in the future. These could be stickers that you can apply on the back of your smartphone to give it a unique look. Many third-party case and accessory makers such as Dbrand already sell such stickers, which also give your phone an added layer of protection. The Korean brand may now be looking to enter this market too.


Samsung already offers multiple color options for its smartphones, with many vibrant coloring schemes that cater to Gen Z. It makes dozens of unique protective cases as well. The company has even started making Bespoke Edition smartphones that let you customize your device with different colors for the back panel and frame. The Bespoke Edition Galaxy Z Flip 3 launched last year is available in 49 different color combinations.

But, customizable skins are still quite popular among young smartphone users. These stickers change the look of your device and also give it extra protection without having to apply a bulky protective case. Samsung surely knows this and is probably aiming to cash in on the opportunity with its new “Fashion Film” branded skins. If it sells these skins as optional add-ons with smartphones, many buyers would likely choose those than opt for third-party solutions.

Samsung Fashion Film may debut alongside one of its upcoming smartphones

A week into the third month of 2022, Samsung has already launched ten smartphone models. It began with the Galaxy S21 in January and followed up with three Galaxy S22 models in February. In March, the company has already launched the Galaxy A13, Galaxy A23, Galaxy F23, Galaxy M23, and Galaxy M33. But the Korean behemoth is not done yet. It still has the Galaxy A33, Galaxy A53, Galaxy A73, and several other smartphones in the pipeline.


The Samsung Fashion Film may debut alongside one of these devices in the coming months. Of course, there’s no such hint from the company as yet. But if it indeed plans to introduce its own designer protective films for smartphones, then it may not be a much longer wait now. We will keep you posted.

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