Samsung Could Launch A Rollable Smartphone This Year

Samsung Flex Slidable display CES 2022

Samsung has been betting heavily on foldable smartphones lately. So much so that it has folded the massively popular Galaxy Note line in its Galaxy S line to give foldables more market space. The scompany currently offers two types of foldable devices — the clamshell folding Z Flip series and the book-like Z Fold series. But it may soon add a third model too. We first heard about this development yesterday. Today, we have some more information about the said third Samsung foldable coming this year.

According to the noted tipster Ice Universe, the mystery device is codenamed “Diamond”. The previous report said Samsung is internally referring to it as “N4”. While we don’t see any match in these two supposed codenames, we know some things are meant for internal uses only.

Anyways, the latest report also reveals that the Samsung Diamond will release in the second half of 2022. Well, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 should also arrive in August or September. So the Korean brand could be planning to launch all three foldable models around the same time.


But there arises an important question. What form factor the third Samsung foldable will have? Well, it may not be a foldable device at all. Ice suggests the Korean behemoth could be making a rollable smartphone. Perhaps he says there’s a “high probability” of it.

Rollable smartphones have a hidden screen that can be pulled out when needed. This enables a larger screen real-estate in a smaller device. Samsung has patented several rollable smartphone designs in recent times. The company even showcased a concept device at CES 2022 earlier this year. So maybe it is now readying this device for the market. We shall find out soon.

After foldables, Samsung could now make a rollable smartphone

Samsung integrating the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lineups to give foldables more exposure has proved to be a smart move too. This has boosted the sales of the Galaxy S22 series, while its latest foldables also enjoyed greater success. The company now further investing in these “un-conventional” smartphones — if we can still call foldables that — isn’t unfounded.


Durability has been the biggest concern with foldables. But Samsung is now making fourth-gen foldable smartphones and has gradually taken care of those concerns with each generation. It remains to be seen how its first rollable smartphone holds up. We should be hearing more about this device in the coming months.