Reddit May Bring In A TikTok-Inspired Video Feature

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Reddit hasn’t been a very video-centric platform. Regardless, the popular social media platform is reportedly working on boosting its video capabilities. According to TechCrunch, Reddit will take some inspiration from a popular Tiktok video feature.

TikTok is a lot of things (for better or worse), and one of those things is infectious. Several companies took pages from TikTok’s notebook in order to siphon off some of its users. YouTube brought Shorts, Instagram brought Reels, Snapchat brought Spotlight, and the list goes on. It seems that, in order to stay ahead, you need to emulate TikTok.

Reddit could bring a video feature inspired by TikTok

That trend continues with Reddit. The company is looking to boost some of its video capabilities. Right now, the company isn’t as reliant on video as other platforms like Instagram. You mostly use Reddit to view text-based posts and images. A lot of the time, the videos that people post are just links to YouTube videos.


According to the source, however, Reddit wants to put some more effort into its video department. It’s bringing in a TikTok-inspired feature. In case you’re wondering, no, it’s not implementing a vertical-scrolling feed of random videos. Instead, it’s nipping a certain video feature.

So far, we don’t know too much about this feature, but it may involve the user being able to interlace their own video with another creator’s video. That’s a rough overview of the feature, so it leaves a lot up to the imagination. What we know is that the company wants to focus on having different content creators interact and collaborate.

Right now, TikTok has two ways for people to interlace different videos. One method is called Stitches, and it lets you insert clips from another’s video into yours. The other method is called Duets. This plays multiple clips simultaneously in a collage style.


Right now, details on this are still scarce, so we will need to wait for more details. This may actually be the start of a new video-focused push from Reddit.