The OnePlus Watch 2 Might Be Right Around The Corner

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When OnePlus launched its OnePlus Watch last year… well. Let’s just say there were a few issues. However, that doesn’t seem to be stopping the company from strapping more tech to our wrists. A report from Pricebaba, suggests that production of the OnePlus Watch 2 is well underway.

OnePlus launched its first smartwatch back in Spring 2021, and it was kind of a disaster. The watch suffered from sluggish proprietary software, inaccurate step counting, really bad use of notifications, etc. It was just a bad experience overall, but the company did deliver some updates to the watch.

The OnePlus Watch 2 might be right around the corner

Now, with the first generation out of the way, we’re turning our eyes to the next. Tipster Mukul Sharma, according to the report, gave some insight into what’s going on with this new device. The tip says that the OnePlus Watch 2 and the OnePlus Band 2 have entered production in Europe and Asia.


The tip also says that these devices will also be debuting soon. There wasn’t a timeframe given, so it’s anyone’s guess when we’ll see these devices. The first OnePlus Watch launched around July last year, so an early-Spring announcement doesn’t seem too far out of the question.

The OnePlus Watch was NOT well-received

Everyone had high hopes for the first wearable device from OnePlus. It already delivered its own unique brand of smartphone technology, so a smartwatch shouldn’t be too hard, right? Well, the first watch from the company was a pretty big failure.

It was a combination of software bugs and weird decisions made by the company that brought everything down. For starters, the company brought its own proprietary software to the table and not Wear OS. That wasn’t the worst decision, but it did mean that the watch wasn’t as compatible with Android phones as other smartwatches. Also, that cut it off from a lot of potential apps.


The step counter was routinely off by hundreds of steps, which was one of the biggest issues. There was the lack of an AOD (always-on-display) that frustrated some people.

The watch itself was really nice-looking and it had really good battery life/charging. Let’s just hope that the company brings another nice-looking watch but with better performance.